Susannah Lohr is a visual and narrative artist.
She creates illustration, animation, comics, and webcomics.


@antimatterzone ✶

"Quarterlife" animation

"Quarterlife: The Search for Self in Early Adulthood" by Satya Doyle Byock, book trailer from Satya Doyle Byock on Vimeo.

Shadows Become You

A psychological horror graphic novel.

Lily is an alienated young woman struggling to survive in a crumbling rust belt city. Past trauma has fractured her persona into two identities: Lily, a mild-mannered pushover and waitress, and Rose, a woman who gets what she wants.

At the bar where she works, Lily and her friends drink a serum which provides them a temporary transformation. They become strix, flesh-eating owl creatures who hunt at night. Her hunger for human flesh grows with the addictive nature of the serum. When she meets a man she can't help but fall for, she's forced to confront the paradox of her humanity and the monster she's become.

Read the story so far here.

Shadows Become You was nominated for an Ignatz Award in 2021. ✶


Animated webcomic.

A young woman struggles to maintain her identity in a relationship that's gotten serious. Modern day drama told through the myth of Leda and the Swan.

click here to read the comic. ✶

Comics & Zines

Top: “Elizabeth”—My modern adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s short story “Elizabeth”.

Middle: “Mermaids Cry Pearls”-- Large corporations have dire impact on the ocean and its inhabitants.

Bottom: “Flora”--A short psychedelic story about Flora, an Earth spirit, who finds a friend.

"datura" -- 2-color risograph zine, A sad young woman discovers the message of the faeries.

"Perspective" -- A young woman faces the difficult relationship with her mother.

"Shadows Become You: Volume 1"-- The first volume of the print adaptation of the Ignatz-award-nominated web comic. Lily and her friends get up to no good at night after they drink a serum which changes their forms.

"Shadows Become You: Volume 2"-- Lily's past encounter with a predator leaves her torn in two.

Nightmare Generator

Current Affairs, Vol. 6, Iss. 2, Mar./Apr. 2021

Greetings From Our Future City

CityLab, 2018